How to Commission a Piece of Fine Art

Would you like to own a fine art piece by Sonia? Or would you like to commission a portrait?

The price for an unframed painting is based on several factors which are whether it includes head and shoulders, three quarter figure, a full figure, the complexity of the background, and the overall size of the painting. The base price is $2500. Most portraits take from 6 to 12 months for completion due to the size, complexity, and drying time. I provide assistance or direction with framing if requested.

The Procedure

Sonia travels to the client’s location (within 200 miles of Austin, Texas) for a meeting to discuss different aspects of the portrait including size, setting, clothes, and pose. A $500 nonrefundable fee will be charged as an agreement. Then a photo session is scheduled. This photo session can take approximately 2 to 3 hours. A small sketch of the composition will then be submitted to the client for approval.   

After approval, a contract will be drawn up and a 20% deposit will be required with the remaining 80% upon acceptance.

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